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  1. SST is all about the free flow of evidenced-based sports performance and fitness information and providing a soapbox for talented coaches and trainers. With contributions coming from multiple backgrounds, inconsistencies between methodologies is bound to happen. As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Be okay with that.
  2. Be passionate about what you submit. Avoid dropping F-bombs if you can but don’t pull punches on our account. Don’t sugar coat your opinions.
  3. Be original and submit fresh material. You may say something similar to another author or build upon previous submissions but your work should not have been submitted elsewhere.
  4. Your articles need to have substance that can be backed up… either by research or through your personal results. It’s the latter that is difficult to prove so you’ll be on the honor system. If it’s based on scientific research, please provide your sources in APA format. Again, your content needs to produce actual RESULTS.
  5. Have your own voice. Write neatly and concisely but let your personality show through.
  6. All authors go through a thorough vetting process. While formal education and a hundred letters after your name aren’t a requirement, results are. We want to assist younger, talented coaches get their information out there but please recognize that some positive real-world results go a long way in establishing online credibility.
  7. You don’t need to be a coach or trainer to submit. Athletes these days need a strong network of specialists in order to achieve their goals. We want progressive insight from all corners of the allied health industry. This includes but is not necessarily limited to strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, doctors, nutritionists, athletic coaches, and chiropractors.
  8. Articles don’t have a set word quota but should consist of cohesive thought submitted in a Microsoft Word document. Short/ long articles will still be given consideration, especially if video is included.
  9. All forms of media are welcome in your post including instructional video clips and pictures. Media should be of a higher quality–crisp, not grainy–and shot horizontally, not vertically. Vertical videos and pictures will not be included in the post and may prevent your article from being published altogether. It is not the responsibility of SST to track down horizontal videos.