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3 Tips for Better Oly Lifts

At this point, most coaches, trainers, and athletes inherently know that if you want to get bigger, fast, and stronger, Olympic weightlifting exercises are a great one-stop shopping source. That said, if you’re going to implement a great tool into your program, you might as well get the most out of it that you can.

Don’t Ask IF You Should Deadlift. Ask HOW.

We’re almost to the finish line. The vilification of the deadlift as the cause of jacked-up backs, rather than it’s promotion as the cure, is nearly a thing of the past. People are opening their eyes and understanding the benefits of this multi-joint, multi-muscle group lift. The problem we’re running into now is that these …

A Case Against Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers provide surface information rather than real substantive feedback.

The Athletic Performance Pyramid, Part 1: Evaluation & Assessment

Having a solid plan in place affords coaches the opportunity to adapt and modify a program for athletes of any skill level.

The Hip Thrust Needs to Be in Every Program

Increase Performance and help prevent common injuries with this simple exercise.

Don’t Sleep on the Single-Leg Exercise

Personally, I love bilateral lifts. There’s not a better feeling in the weight room than loading up the bar and PR-ing your squat. The world is starting to feel that excitement as well. Squats and deadlifts are becoming cool again and more people than ever have found their way to a barbell. So why am …

Tweak Your Head Positioning and Fix Your Deadlift

The deadlift is just picking the bar up, right? Wrong. Small adjustments to form can mean a world of difference when it comes to the strength and mobility of an athlete. Furthermore, the body’s skeletomuscular system is synced in such a way that a small local tweak can have resounding global effects. While we could …

Let’s Keep Bureaucracy Out of Fitness

CrossFit is fighting the good fight. I’ve been critical of some of their practices in the past but one has to admire their dedication to maintaining freedom in the weightroom. It’s a freedom of practice and information that we both enjoy despite disagreement over certain methods.

Why You Need Testing

Whether you realize it or not, you are always in a constant state of assessment as a lifter or an athlete. You’re always trying to lift more weight, push more reps, run farther, or sprint faster. You acknowledge when your weight increases and make a mental note of your new starting weight for the next …

Your Exercise Injury Is Not A Badge of Honor

You know who I’m talking about. The guy that Instas his dislocated shoulder… #inittowinit. The girl that posts her scraped up shins… #pride. Perhaps, a lot of cult-like strength and conditioning disciplines are pushing training and psychology too far toward the extreme… or maybe their clients take it the wrong way when the coaches reassure …

Basic Programming, Part 3: Reps & Load Prescription

You’ve got your goals nailed down. You picked a training split that works toward those goals and meshes with your work schedule. You added some meat to your program by selecting the exercises that best mimic your everyday life and will apply the best training stimuli. So how many reps? How many sets? What kind …

Basic Programming, Part 2: Exercise Selection

So yeah, it’s pretty badass to be able to execute a good-looking clean… especially if there’s a little weight on the bar. Likewise, putting up a pretty number on a bench can make you feel like a champ. Is it all really necessary though? These exercises are considered to be staples of their respective disciplines, …